Simple Facial Care Regimen


Just start with a basic skin care regimen and get into a habit of good skin care. You’ll notice healthy clear skin when you follow these three steps in the morning and before bed.


You’ll need to pick a cleanser that’s best for your skin type. For those of you with dry to normal skin, a cream based cleanser is a good choice. Those of you with oily or combination skin may prefer a gel base cleanser. Get your face wet and rub cleanser on in a circular motion paying particular attention around your nose and around the hair line. The nose is a target for extra oil, and many people forget to extend their cleanser up to the hairline to remove makeup and dirt. Rinse your face with cool water to remove cleanser.


If you choose to use a toner, it will get rid of any traces of cleanser remaining on your skin, temporarily shrink pores and may even give a moisturizing effect, depending on the ingredients in the toner. Astringents have a much higher alcohol content and are specifically for oily skin.


Apply your toner on a cotton pad or ball and just swipe all over your skin again paying special attention to areas such as the sides of your nose.

You’ll want to moisturize after your toner, but make sure you apply your moisturizer before your toner has had a chance to fully dry. Doing this helps seal in extra moisture. If it’s morning, try to choose a moisturizer with SPF. If yours doesn’t have sun protection, make sure you add a sunscreen. Sun is the biggest cause of premature aging, and you don’t want to skimp. Apply a pea size amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck. Your neck will show your age more quickly if you do not protect and nourish it like you do your face.

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