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If you're anything like me, you have the best intentions of getting a full nights rest, until you find your favorite television show streaming on Netflix, or end up having a 6 hour chardonnay induced happy hour with your girlfriends just because you can. Whether you've got a stressful work project, a newborn baby (or any children for that matter), or are just too excited to sleep the night before a big vacation or special day ( insert "here comes the bride" instrumental) not getting enough rest can be detrimental  to your mood and your face. So what do you do when you find yourself with little to no sleep, and can't think straight the next morning on how to do your makeup? Here's my beauty sleep cheat sheet for makeup tricks that will make you look less tired:

1. Say No To Smoke: With little to no rest, the best thing you can do for eye makeup is to not over-do it. Smoky, dark eyes are not the best choice when trying to cover and avoid the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Stick to natural looking eye makeup that is clean and polished, with neutral hues and blended eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply lots of mascara to the top lashes only, adding volume and instantly brightening the eyes, making them appear more awake. Still need a pick-me-up? Apply a champagne colored eyeshadow as a highlight in the inner corner of the eye, adding just enough shimmer that isn't too icy.

2. Banish Dark Circles: If you wake with puffy eyes, the best way to combat this is to apply an eye serum (preferably one that's cooling) under the eyes and way a few minutes before adding concealer. A very common mistake most women make with concealer is they apply too much, thinking the more the better. Wrong. You don't want to cake concealer on under the eyes, especially if they are puffy or extra dark, due to the fact that over-doing concealer can add too much texture making it look heavy, or worse, the concealer starts to crease creating more fine lines. Apply small dots of concealer under the eyes and blend until you get the coverage you need. You can always mix in a little eye cream with concealer as well to help enhance hydration and thin out the consistency.

3. Highlight Your Cheeks: Add a soft, dewy touch of highlight to the cheeks by applying cream blush first to the apples, then blending a small amount of illuminating cream highlighter on top for a subtle glow. Just enough to make your skin look fresh, versus too oily or shiny.

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